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When you have a new car, one of the first things that you look for is the best automotive parts and accessories suppliers. There are hundreds of suppliers to choose from so you need to do your homework. There are suppliers in all regions of the country. The two most popular Italian auto parts suppliers are Indipendente Italiano Corse and Ghiblando Giorgio. The Italian national automotive group FIS is also well known and supplies a large range of high quality engines, transmissions, chassis, body kits, brakes, clutches, interiors and accessories.

In terms of brand equity, it is generally believed that Italian brands perform better than other foreign brands when it comes to reliability, performance and quality. Many of the top auto spare parts manufacturers are Italian and this holds true for most, if not all of the engine and transmission spare parts. Italian auto manufacturers are also more innovative when it comes to research and development of new technologies and they try to develop products that will be equipped to meet the demands of the future. Most of the auto manufacturers in Italy started out making cars and developing them for the domestic market and then gradually moved into the production of luxury automobiles.

There are a few common components that are used by many of the Italian manufacturers and these are: forged gear, molybdenum, steel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and stainless steel parts. One can find most of these parts in the U.S., but the parts procured locally by consumers may not be of the highest quality. Most of the parts procured locally by consumers are low quality or imitation products. There are few parts procured overseas that come with a warranty and they are authentic. Some of the parts like the forged gear, molybdenum, steel, aluminum, magnesium, iron, aluminum and stainless steel are very hard to locate and so it is imperative that the customer thoroughly researches the type of metal used in the part before purchasing it.

Most of the auto parts manufacturers and suppliers offer a full range of automotive products and accessories. The online market for automotive parts and accessories has increased tremendously over the past few years. There are many suppliers and manufacturers who have websites on the internet. These companies usually have a dedicated sales force, who will personally visit dealerships and their outlets to personally shop for the required spare parts and accessories. It is essential to deal with only genuine suppliers and manufacturers for the assurance of product quality. It is always advisable to deal with a company that has an established reputation and who has been in the business for quite some time.

There are many reputable companies that manufacture and supply single vehicles. A quick search on the internet using the relevant keywords may help one in finding the exact make and model of the vehicle on which he requires the spare parts. In case the part required is not readily available at his present location, the supplier might be able to order it for him. There are many authorized single dealers and suppliers that can be easily contacted via e-mail or phone to obtain spare parts and accessories on the specific vehicle concerned.

In addition, one can also contact OEM, or original equipment manufacturers and suppliers of OEM products for spare parts on these vehicles. This would include brake pads, OEM brake discs, and other related accessories. However, for genuine OEM products, one may have to visit the aftermarket dealers and suppliers of these OEM spare parts. This is because genuine OEM products may not be readily available from the factory outlets, since most aftermarket vendors do not stock the complete lines of OEM products.

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